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Manufacturer Model
Rent Megger Torkel 860 Battery Bank Load Tester up to 110A, 480V
Battery Bank Load Tester, 110 Amps up to 480 Volts
Rent NH Research 4760 High Voltage Electronic DC Loads - 600 Volts
600 Volts, 300 Amps, 6 kW Electronic DC Load with Touchscreen
Rent NH Research 4760-36 High Voltage Electronic DC Load 1800 A, 36 kW
600 Volts, 1800 Amps, 6 kW Electronic DC Load with Touchscreen
Chroma 63803 AC/DC Electronic Load
50-350V, 54/108/135A, 1800/3600/4500W, 45 Hz to 440Hz, AC/DC Electronic Load
Rent Kikusui PLZ1004W Multifunction DC Load
1.5-150V, 200A, 1000W, DC Electronic Load
Rent the Chroma 63204 600 Volt DC Electronic Load
600 Volt, 0 - 10/100 Amps, 5.2 kW DC Electronic Load
Chroma 63209 DC Electronic Load, 100A/1000A, 15.0KW
1 - 80V 0 - 100/1000A, 15.6 kW DC Electronic Load
Transistor Devices DLR400-15-2500 2.5 kW DC Load
30-400V, 15A, 2500W, Electronic Load
Transistor Devices DLVP-130-250-2500 Electronic Load
5-130V, 250A, 2500W, Electronic Load
TDI Power MCL488 3500W Mult-Channel Loads
3500W Programmable Electronic DC Load
Transistor Devices XBL-600-200-6000 Dynaload
20/200/600V, 2/20/200A, 6000W, Dynaload
Chroma 63201 DC Electronic Load, 30A/300A
1-80V, 30A/300A, 2600W, DC Electronic Load
HP/Agilent 60503B 250 Watt DC Electronic Load Module
240V, 10A, 250W, DC Electronic Load Module
HP/Agilent 60504A 600W Load Module
60V, 120A, 600W,  DC Electronic Load Module
HP/Agilent 60504B 600W Load Module 0 to 120A
60V, 120A, 600W, DC Electronic Load Module
Instek PEL-300 Programmable Electronic DC Load, 300 Watts
60V, 60A, 300W DC Programmable Load
Kikusui PLZ1003W 1000W DC Electronic Load 1.5 - 120V, 200A
1.5-120V, 200A, 1200W, DC Electronic Load
Kikusui PLZ153W 150 Watt Electronic Load
1.5-120V, 30A, 150W, Electronic Load
Kikusui PLZ303W Electronic Load, 10V, 60A, 300W
1.2-120V, 60A, 300W, Electronic Load
Transistor Devices DLR50-15-150A Electronic Load
3-50V, 15A, 150W, Electronic Load
Rent Megger Torkel 840 DC Battery Load Tester
DC Battery Load Tester
Rent, lease, or rent to own Megger Torkel 820 12, 24, 48 Volt DC Battery Load Unit
DC Battery Load Unit - 12, 24, 48 Volt at 270 Amps
AC/DC EL750 Dynamic Load
3 - 50V, 0 - 150A, 750W DC Electronic Load
AC/DC EL750B Dynamic Load
55V, 150A, 750W, DC Electronic Load
Bird 8895-300 Coaxial Termination 50 Impedance
RF Coaxial Termination
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