DC Power Supplies | Low, Medium, & High Voltage, Converter

DC Power Supplies

Rent DC power supplies from Sorensen, Magna-Power, Xantrex, Behlman and more. Power capable up to 250 kW DC.

High Voltage, High Current
Rent DC Power Supplies capable of up to 1,250 Volts and 3,000 Amps. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals stocks DC Power up to 250 kW, the smallest DC Power Supply you will find in this section is 10 kW.
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High Voltage, Low Current
600VDC, 1000VDC, 1,250VDC and 2,000VDC Power Supplies in stock and available for rental today.
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Low Voltage, High Current
High Current DC Power supplies (up to 3,000 Amps) are available for your burn in testing.
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Low Voltage, Low Current
Several DC power supplies are available to meet your specifications. Use TWO 5 kW units in parallel to produce 10 kW of power.
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