Environmental Monitoring & Measurement Rentals - Chambers | Vibration Testing


Simulate environmental conditions found in the ocean, atmosphere and geocentric orbit. Environmental Chambers of many shapes and sizes for rent including temperature forcing units from -90C to +225C! If your test includes temperature cycling, Humidity Testing, thermal shock tests, Halt & Hass testing, and even vibration testing to MIL-STD-883, please give us a call.

Rent Environmental Chambers | Temperature, Humidity, Thermal Shock, HAST
Environmental Test Chambers up to 30 cubic feet capable of -73C to 200C. Temperature & Humidity, Temperature Only, Thermal Shock Chambers, HAST and other chambers available for rent.
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Rent Temperature Forcing Systems | ThermoStream, Thermal Inducing
Rent Temperature Forcing Systems from Temptronic / Thermostream, Thermonics and other manufacturers for your thermal inducing requirements. Air compressors and bench top models also available.
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Rent Temperature Baths \ Recirculators
Rent Temperature Baths and Recirculators capable of as low as -80C and up to 150C. Programmable units allow you to adjust temperature as needed and manufacturers include Thermo Neslab and Tenney.
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Industrial Chillers
Rent, Buy or Lease an Industrial Chiller from Thermo Nelab at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals.
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Rent Force Testers (Tension, Compression, Pull) Plastic Materials
Force Testers (Tension / Compression / Pull Testers)
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