Manufacturer Model
Rent HP/Agilent 8168F Lightwave Tunable Laser Source
1450 nm to 1590 nm, Tunable Laser Source
Keyence LC-2101 Laser Displacement Meter 40 kHz
30 mm  Laser Displacement Meter
Matsushita LM300 NAIS Laser Sensor
NAIS Laser Analog Sensor
HP/Agilent 5517A Laser Head, max velocity with linear optics
1.5 to 2.0 MHz, Laser Head
HP/Agilent 5517A Laser Head
1.9 to 2.4 MHz, Laser Head
HP/ Agilent 81524A Lightwave Optical Head 800-1650nm
800 nm to 1650 nm, Lightwave Optical Head
HP/Agilent 81525A Lightwave Optical Head
800 nm to 1650 nm, Lightwave Optical Head
HP/Agilent 81533A Optical Head Interface Module
450 nm to 1020 nm, Lightwave Optical Head Interface Module
HP/Agilent 81553SM Optical Head Interface Module
1550 nm, Lightwave Laser Source Module
HP/Agilent 81618A Interface Module operates with the 8162x optical head
Single Mode Interface Module
HP/Agilent 81624B Lightwave Optical Head
800 nm to 1700 nm, Lightwave Optical Head
HP/Agilent 81625B Lightwave Optical Head
+27 dBm to -70 dBm, Lightwave Optical Head
HP/Agilent 81634A Optical Head Interface Module
800-1700 nm, Lightwave Optical Power Sensor Module
HP Agilent 81640A Tunable Laser Module
1510 nm - 1640 nm Tunable Laser Module
HP Agilent 81642A High Power Tunable Laser Module
+ 7dBm, Tunable Laser
HP/Agilent 8164A Lightwave Measurement System
Lightwave Measurement System
HP/Agilent 81651A Laser Source Module
1550 nm, Single Mode, Lightwave Laser Source Module
HP Agilent 81680A Tunable Laser Module
1460 nm - 1580 nm, Lightwave Tunable Laser
HP Agilent 81689A Compact Tunable Laser Module
1525 nm to 1575nm, Compact Tunable Laser Module
HP/Agilent 8168B Lightwave Tunable Laser Source
1500 nm to 1565 nm, Tunable Laser Source
HP/ Agilent 8168C-PKG01 Lightwave Tunable Laser Source
1470-1580nm Tunable Laser w/opts 3,23
HP Agilent 8169A Polarization Controller
1470 nm - 1570 nm, Polarization Controller
HP/Agilent 83554A Millimeter-Wave Source Module
26.5 GHz to 40 GHz, Millimeter-Wave Source Module
HP/Agilent 83555A Millimeter-Wave Source Module
33.0 to 50 GHz, Millimeter-Wave Source Module
HP/Agilent 83557A Millimeter-Wave Source Module
50 to 75 GHz, Millimeter-Wave Source Module