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Manufacturer Model
Rent HP/Agilent 8703A Lightwave Component Analyzer
1300 nm / 1550 nm, 130 MHz to 20 GHz, Lightwave Component Analyzer
HP/Agilent 8153A Lightwave System
Lightwave Multimeter System
HP/Agilent 81618A Interface Module operates with the 8162x optical head
Single Mode Interface Module
HP/Agilent 81635A Optical Head Interface Module
1650 nm, Lightwave Optical Power Sensor Module
HP/Agilent 8163A Lightwave Multimeter System
Lightwave Multimeter System
HP/Agilent 8166A Lightwave Multichannel System
Lightwave Multichannel System
HP Agilent 83411C Lightwave Receiver
1300 nm / 1550 nm, Lightwave Receiver Module