Manufacturer Model
Amplifier Research DC3010A Dual Directional Coupler 10 kHz - 1 GHz
10 kHz - 1 GHz, Dual Directional Coupler
Amplifier Research DC6280AM1 Dual Directional Coupler
80-1000MHz, 1500W Dual Directional Coupler
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2.5 - 7.5 GHz, Dual Directional Coupler
Amplifier Research DC7450 Dual Directional Coupler
7.5GHz–18GHz, 3000W Dual Directional Coupler
Exfo FVA-60A-B Fiber Optic Attenuator
1300/1500 nm SM Programmable Attenuator
Solar 9410-1 High Voltage Attenuator, 40 dB
DC - 1 GHz 40 dB 50 ohm N(f) In, BNC(f) Out, 3 kV Peak, 2 Watt High Voltage Attenuator
Teseq CAS3025 Burst/EFT Pulse Verification Kit
50 and 1000 ohms Burst/EFT Pulse Verification Kit
Teseq INA 265B Attenuator
50 Ω, 60 dB Attenuator
Electro Impulse AX500-30 High Power Coaxial Attenuator
DC - 500 MHz, 30 dB, 500W, 50 ohm Fixed - High Power Coaxial Attenuator
Bird 1000-WA-MFN-03 Attenuator, 1000W
Attenuator, 1000W
Bird 100-A-MFN-06 Attenuator, 100W
Attenuator, 100W
Bird 150-A Bi-Directional Attenuator
Bi-Directional Attenuator, 150 Watts
Bird 8327-300 Tenuline Attenuator
Tenuline Attenuator
BIRD 8329-300 Oil-Cooled Attenuator
High-Power Oil-Dielectric Attenuator
Microtech 224585 Dual Directional Coupler
0.1-2GHz 20dB Dual Directional Coupler, Type N
Narda 3022 Reflectometer Coupler
1.0 GHz to 4.0 GHz, Dual Coaxial Reflectometer Coupler
Narda 769-20 High Power Coaxial Attenuator, DC - 6 GHz
DC - 6 GHz, High Power Coaxial Attenuator
Photodyne 19XT-010 Fiber Optic Attenuator
1300/1500 nm SM Programmable Attenuator
Weinschel 48-30-34 High Power Coaxial Attenuator
DC GHz - 18 GHz, 30 dB, 100W
HP/Agilent 11583C Coaxial Attenuators Set 26.5 GHz
3, 6, 10, and 20 dB Coaxial Attenuators Set
Rent Agilent 11691D Coaxial Directional Coupler 2 GHz - 18 GHz
2 GHz - 18 GHz Coaxial Directional Coupler
HP/Agilent 11692D Broadband 20 dB Directional Couplers
20 dB, Directional Coupler
Agilent-HP 33340A Coaxial Attenuator- ATEC Rentals
DC to 12.4 GHz 6dB Attenuator
HP/Agilent 350D Distortion Analyzer
5W - 55V 600 ohm, Attenuator Set
HP/Agilent 355C Coaxial Step Attenuator
DC - 1 GHz, 0 dB - 12 dB, 1 dB steps, 0.5W