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Everything from single phase frequency converter to three phase programmable smart power supplies for dips and interrupts, Harmonic and Flicker, DO-160, Mil Standard STD 704, ABD 100, Airbus A350, AIRB, and Boeing B787 800Hz, you can find here. We offer up to 120kW AC programmable and 100kW DC power supplies for rental! DC 600V, 800V, 1000V, and 2400V available! Call us to match your application to your best fit AC/DC supply from Pacific Power, Elgar, Sorensen, California Instruments, Chroma, Agilent, and Adaptive Power.

Rent AC Power Supplies | Single-Three Phase, Line Conditioners
Also referred to as power sources or frequency converters are used in a variety of applications including semiconductor, aerospace, alternative energy and EMC testing.
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DC Power Supplies | Low, Medium, & High Voltage, Converter
Rent DC power supplies from Sorensen, Magna-Power, Xantrex, Behlman and more. Power capable up to 250 kW DC.
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Rent AC & DC Loads | Medium-High Power, Bi Directional
Rent AC or DC Resistive and Electronic Loads, capable up to 100 kW. Chroma, Kikusui, NH Research and several others in stock.
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Rent High Power Variable Transformers
Variable Transformers / Variacs to convert voltage on high power single and three phase equipment.
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