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Manufacturer Model
Rent Agilent 81134A Pulse Pattern Generator 3.35 GHz, 2 CH
3.35 GHz, 2 CH Pulse Pattern Generator
Rent Tektronix DTG5274 Data Timing Generator
2.7 Gb/s Timing Generator
Rent Agilent 81110A Pulse Pattern Generator, 165/330 MHz
165/330 MHz Pulse Pattern Generator
Rent Agilent 81130A Pulse Data Generator 400/600 MHz, 1.32 Gb/s
400/600 MHz, 1.32 Gb/s Pulse Data Generator
Rent Agilent 81133A Pulse Pattern Generator 3.35 GHz, 1 CH
3.35 GHz, 1 CH Pulse Pattern Generator
HP/Agilent 214B Pulse Generator, 10 Hz to 10 MHz
10 Hz - 10 MHz, 100V into 50 ohms, 10-50% Duty Cycle, Double Pulse/Data
HP/Agilent 8005B Pulse Generator
20 MHZ, Dual - Output Pulse Generator
HP Agilent 8011A Pulse Generator, 0.1Hz - 20MHz
0.1 Hz - 20 MHz, 16Vp-p into 50 ohms, All Parameters Variable w/Burst
HP Agilent 8015A Pulse Generator, 1Hz - 50MHz
50 mHz, Dual - Output Pulse Generator
HP/Agilent 8082A Fast Pulse Generator
1 kHz - 250 MHz, 2 Ch, Variable All Function Generator
HP/Agilent 8110A Pulse Pattern Generator
150 MHz Pulse Pattern Generator w/(2) 81103A, 81106A installed
HP Agilent 8111A Pulse Function Generator
1 Hz - 20 MHz, 1 - 1999 Counted Burst Pulse/Function Generator
Rent Agilent 81150A High Voltage Pulse Generator
High Voltage Pulse Generator
Rent Agilent 81160A Pulse Arbitrary Noise Generator 330 MHz Pulse, 500 MHz Sine
330 MHz Pulse, 500 MHz Sine Pulse Arbitrary Noise Generator
HP/Agilent 8116A Pulse/Function Generator
1 MHz - 50 MHz Programmable Pulse/Function Generator
HP/Agilent 8131A 500 MHz Pulse Generator
500 MHz, High-Speed Pulse Generator
HP/Agilent 8133A Pulse Generator
Pulse Generator 33MHz-3GHz
HP Agilent 8160A Pulse Generator
1 Hz - 50 MHz MATE-Approved Stimuli Hi-speed Pulse/Data Generator
HP/Agilent 8161A Dual Channel option Pulse Generator
100MHz, Pulse Generator
HP Agilent 8165A Pulse Function Generator
1 MHz - 50 MHz Programmable Multifunction Generator
Agilent 8644B High-Performance Signal Generator
1 GHz or 2 GHz, Signal Generator
Rent Anritsu MP1763B 12.5 GHz Pulse Pattern Generator
12.5 GHz Pulse Pattern Generator
Rent Anritsu MP1763C Pulse Pattern Generator, 50 MHz to 12.5 GHz
50 MHz to 12.5 GHz, Pulse Pattern Generator
Rent, lease, or rent to own Berkeley 575 Digital Delay / Pulse Generator
Digital Delay / Pulse Generator
Rent Solar 8282-1 Transient Pulse Generator
Transient Pulse Generator