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Manufacturer Model
HP/Agilent 37743A DS3 Analysis and Alarm Test Set
DS3 Analyzer with Simultaneous In-Service DS1/DS2 Alarms/Analysis
HP/Agilent 83491A Clock Recovery Module
Clock Recovery Module
HP/Agilent 83492A Clock Recovery Module 750 nm to 860 nm
155.52 Mb/s to 2500.00 Mb/s, Clock Recovery Module
Agilent E4487A CERJAC 31XE Transmission Test
Cerjac 31Xe DS3/DS1/DS0 T-Carrier Maintenance Test
HP Agilent J2298B T1 Simulate/Monitor Interface Card
T1/DS1 (1.544 Mb/s) suitable for plugging into the
HP Agilent N1610B Service Advisor Test Tablet
Service Advisor Test Tablet (Modules required)
HP Agilent N1655B Dual Line DS3/1, E3/1 Test Module
Dual Line DS3/1, E3/1 Test Module (PDH)
HP Agilent N1660A Dual Line DS1/0 Test Module
Dual DS1/0 Test Module for HP/Agilent
HP Agilent N1735A Aurora Tempo Frame Relay Tester
auroraTempo Portable Relay Tester
Ameritec AM2-D Bulk Call Generator
T1 (1.544Mbps) Bulk Call Generator, qty 4 T1 ports
Ameritec AM2-DX Niagara ISDN PRI 1.544 Mps Simulator
Niagara AM2-DX ISDN PRI 1.544Mps Simulator
Ameritec AM8a T1 PCM / VF Signaling Analyzer
T1 PCM / VF Signaling Analyzer ( E1 PCM / VF Signaling Analyzer )
 Digital Lightwave ASA-312 Network Information Computer
Sonet / ATM / T Carrier Analyzer, Network Information Computer, DS0 to OC48
Rent EXFO FTB-8115 Transport Blazer
Transport Blazer
Rent Fluke EtherScope ES2 Network Assistant / LAN Analyzer
EtherScope II Network Assistant
Acterna / TTC 124 Drop Insert Analyzer
Drop & Insert Analyzer
Rent, Buy, or Lease the Acterna/TTC 209OSP T - Berd Outside Plant Tester - Advanced Test Equipment Rentals | Call 1-800-404-ATEC(2832) for pricing…
TTC T-BERD 209 T-Berd T-Carrier Analyzer
JDSU/Wandel & Goltermann/Acterna ANT-20SE Advanced Network Tester
Advanced Network Tester
Phoenix 5575A-1544-1 T1 Micro Bert Test Set 5564 T1 Monitor
T1 Micro BERT Test Set
Remote Switch Systems T1-TTS
T1-Transfer/Test Set (T1-TTS)
Sage 930A Communications Test Set
Telecommunications Test Set (Plug-in Configurable)
Sunrise Telecom Sunset STS-1 Handheld Electrical Testing
STS-1, DS3 and DS1 Handheld Electrical Testing
Sunrise Telecom Sunset T3 Portable D3 Tester
Portable D3 Tester