Andrew Solutions GWMT1920 Transmitter 1850 MHz -1990 MHz

Rent Andrew Solutions GWMT1920 Transmitter 1850 MHz -1990 MHz
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The Andrew Solutions GWMT1920 Transmitter 1850 MHz -1990 MHz is rugged, portable, and ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The transmitter is critical in network design for propagation model tuning and coverage prediction. With these design considerations assessed, new cell site locations are confidently selected, and existing site performance assured. The transmitter generates CW test signals in the UMTS, PCS, DCS, GSM and Cellular bands. Operation is straight forward with front panel entry of frequency and power levels. The LCD display shows the current operating point as well as supply voltage and internal temperature. The transmitter is rated for continuous duty across its full operating temperature and voltage range. Built in protection assures no damage due to high VSWR loads or over temperature conditions.  The GWMT1920 is the clear choice to generate spurious free and reliable test signals.


Frequency Range: 1850 - 1990 MHz, 30 or 50 kHz steps
Frequency Stability: ± 1 PPM, -20 to +550 C
Output Power: 20 W (+43 to 13 dBm) adjustable in 0.1 dB increments
Power Level Accuracy: ± 1 dB (+43 to 13 dBm)
Output Harmonics & Spurious < -60 dBc relative to full output power
Output VSWR 1.5: 1 maximum
Load VSWR Protected No damage into OPEN/SHORT at all phase angles
Over-temperature Protection Disables itself if PA temperature becomes excessive
Continuous Duty Cycle Over full temperature and operating range
Power Source 90-130 /180- 264 VAC, 48 - 62 Hz (300 Watts) or 11 -15 VDC « 20 A)