ATEC SZM90-VI Microscope

ATEC SZM90-VI Microscope
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Eyepiece: Standard configuration
Auxiliary objectives
Working distance 100mm Working distance 165mm
Magnification Field of View Magnification Field of View
10X/20 7X 28.6 3.5X 57.1
45X 4.4 22.5X 8.9
20X/10 14X 14.3 7X 28.6
90X 2.2 45X 4.4
Power Supply: 220V - 50Hz, 110V - 50/60Hz
Transformer: Input: 220/110VAC
Output: 12V DC/45W
Illuminator: Top light 12V/15W halogen lamp
Bottom light 12V/15W halogen lamp

*Includes fluorescent ring illuminator

* Working distance is fixed regardless of the magnification factor.

* Total mag.= Zoom mag. X Eyepiece mag. X Auxiliary objective mag.

Diameter of field of view (mm) = Field number of eyepiece / Zoom mag. X Auxiliary objective mag.