Audio Precision ATS-1 Audio Analyzer

Audio Precision ATS-1 Audio Analyzer
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Manual Datasheet Specifications

The Audio Precision ATS-1 series of analyzers complements the Portable One series. Designed for rack mount and production applications, they offer the same measurement functionality as equivalent Portable One models, but include an IEEE-488 interface as standard. They are housed in a fan-cooled metal case, designed for front or rear modular connector placement and rack mounting. The instruments include both the Audio Precision two-channel IEE-488.2 command set and a single channel HP8903B emulation mode. Automated testing is simplified with the industry-standard IEEE-488 interfaces on both models.


Audio Precsision ATS-1 Access:

This unit offers a comprehensive analog audio test set. Twelve different measurement functions are easily selected from the front panel.

  • Measures amplitude,signal-to-noise,distortion (THD+N),SINAD,IMD(option),frequency,wow and flutter,input impedanceplus AC mains check.
  • True 2-channel (stereo) modes measure two channel level, phase, amplitude ratio and crosstalk.

Audio Precision ATS-1 Dual Domain® (Analog+Digital+ AES/EBU/IEC)
A dual domain system designed to deliver a comprehensive audio test set for both analog and digital audio, as well as generation and measurement of AES/EBU/IEC digital characteristics such as jitter.

Like our System One and System Two products, ATS-1 Dual Domain features true Dual Domain architecture. Digital signals are generated and measured purely in the digital domain, resulting in the -140 dB distortion and -140 dB noise residuals necessary for making useful digital audio measurements.

  • True Dual Domain instrument,with independent analog and digital generators and analyzers.
  • Include all the functionality of the analog ATS-1 above.
  • Digital AudioGenerate signals and measure level and ratio,THD+N,frequency,phase,noise and crosstalk, IMD.
  • Digital interface measure key interface parameters, including jitter, sample rate, AES signal voltage, frame delay, delay relative to house sync.