FW Bell 4190 ELF Gauss/Tesla Meter

Rent FW Bell 4190 ELF Gauss/Tesla Meter
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Manual Datasheet
Lightweight and completely self contained, the easy to use FW Bell 4190 ELF Gauss/Tesla Meter is ideal for commercial or home use. The 4190 accurately measures Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields generated by electrical equipment. Applications include detecting magnetic field emissions from a wide variety of sources, including video display terminals, AC power lines, office equipment, household appliances,and all types of electronic equipment.

The handheld 4190 ELF Gauss/Tesla Meter has built-in software that eliminates the need for complex calibration procedures. User prompts on the custom formatted LCD allow fast, simple push button operation.


  • Low Cost, Small, Lightweight, and Portable
  • High Accuracy
  • Gauss or Tesla Display Units
  • 0.1 mG /.0 lμT resolution
  • Low Battery Detection
  • Waveform and RMS Analog Output
  • Selectable X. Y, or Z Axis plus Vector Summation
  • Min/Max Hold
  • True RMS Reading
  • Relative Mode
  • Universal Serial Bus lnterface


Basic Accuracy (> .4 mG, 40-80Hzl ± (1% + 1 digit) typical
Frequency Response ±5% 30 to 2kHz
Update Rate (display) 1000 msec single axis, 1200 msec 3- axis mode
Sampling Rate (Analog Output) 8K samples /sec
Measuring Range 0.1 to1999 mG
0.01 to199.9 μT
Minimum Resolution 0.1 mG /.0l μT
Display LCD
Digits 3 1/2
Readings Gauss, Tesla
Analog Output 2V FS DC or lV FS AC RMS
Communication Port USB
Data Logging Yes - Software Data Logging


  • AC Power Lines
  • Office Equipment
  • Plant Surveys
  • Power Line Surveys
  • VDT - Video Display Terminals
  • Household Appliances
  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Home and Building Inspection