DV Power BVS CM Battery Voltage Supervisor – Capacity Model

Rent DV Power BVS CM Battery Voltage Supervisor – Capacity Model
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The Battery Voltage Supervisor Capacity Model (BVS CM) is a battery monitoring system for real-time data gathering and viewing. The BVS CM main role is monitoring battery voltage values during a battery discharge testing.

The BVS CM is an integrated system consisting of:
  • BVS Control Unit (BCM-CU)
  • Cell Voltage Modules (CVM-C)

The BVS CM system identifies a potential battery malfunction by monitoring the following cell parameters from an array of the cell voltage modules CVM-M:
  • Cell voltage
  • Intercell connection voltage

In addition, the BCM-CU provides ambient temperature measurements on multiple locations.The CVM-C modules detect cells that fail a discharge test based on measured voltage values, so these cells can be safely removed from the battery string. Data acquisition and extensive analysis capabilities of data collected from the CVM-C are available in the DV–B Win application software suite, providing a user data viewing, tracking and generation of comprehensive reports.

DV Power BVS CM Features:

  • Efficient analyzer for battery discharge testing
  • Automated cell voltage and intercell connection measurements
  • Detection and notification of failing cells
  • One module tests battery cells up to 30V
  • Monitoring interval is programmed by user for real-time monitoring results and report generation