DV Power RMO200H Handheld Micro Ohmmeter

Rent DV Power RMO200H Handheld Micro Ohmmeter
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RMO200H is the battery operated handheld Micro Ohmmeter device, therefore independent from the mains power supply. The built-in ultra-capacitor enables generating a true DC ripple-free current of up to 220 A. It provides multiple measurements with no need for recovery time between the tests and full day’s work of testing without battery recharge.

The RMO200H instrument can store up to 1000 measurements (time and date stamped) on the SD card. Communication between the RMO200H and a PC is established through a USB cable or Bluetooth (optional). Besides providing a full control of the RMO200H, the DV-Win software enables download and analysis of the results, as well as creating and exporting test reports in different formats.

The ruggedness and its lightweight construction makes the RMO200H handheld Micro Ohmmeter perfect tool for a fieldwork, such as in high voltage substations, factories, etc. The RMO200H is the ideal device for contact resistance measurements of non-inductive test objects:
  • High, medium and low voltage circuit breakers
  • High, medium and low voltage disconnecting switches
  • High-current bus bar joints
  • Cable splices
  • Welding joints

DV-Power RMO200H Features:

  • Handheld – only 0,9 kg / 2.0 lbs.
  • Powerful – up to 220 A DC
  • Battery operated
  • Measuring range 0,1 μΩ – 1000 mΩ
  • Typical accuracy 0,2 %
  • Testing under Both Sides Grounded conditions
  • Pass/Fail criteria (Rmax function)
  • USB / Bluetooth communication
  • 1000 memory locations (SD card)
  • DV-Win Software included