Dynatech Nevada 232D Electrical Safety Analyzer

Rent Dynatech Nevada 232D Electrical Safety Analyzer
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Manual Accessory Kit
The Dynatech Nevada 232D Electrical Safety Analyzer is a precision voltage, current, and resistance meter designed expressly for testing the electrical safety level of both the patient environment and associated electrically operated equipment. The 232D Electrical Safety Analyzer simplifies the electrical safety testing of more sophisticated electrically operated equipment with up to 10 direct-patient electrodes, such as a diagnostic 12-lead electrocardiograph or recorder. The test receptacle wiring can be set to simulate a wide range of power system faults.


  • Measurements displayed on a 3%-digit LED display.
  • Overrange indicated by a flashing 1999.
  • The appropriate range selected automatically with the units of measure shown on the mode switch.
  • During resistance measurements, a separate LED illuminates when the current source has been activated.
Equipment Current:
  • One range: 0.1to15.0 amps.
  • Accuracy: 5% of range.
  • Three voltage ranges:
    • 0.0 to 199.9 mV
    • 0to1999 mV
    • 0.0 to 199.9 V
  • AAMI Load used for these measurements.
  • Millivolt (m V) ranges autoranging.
  • Voltage (V) ranges used for line voltage measurements of the test receptacle powering the analyzer.
  • Millivolt (m V) ranges usable for external meter jack measurements.
Full Scale Ranges (TRMS):
  • Low: 0.1to199.9 μA/mV
  • High: 200 to 1999 μA/m V
  • + /- (5% or reading +1 μA) @DC and from 48 Hz to 100 kHz
Test Load Impedance:
  • 1000 ohms + /- 0.5% @ DC