EG&G 5104 Lock In Amplifier

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The 5104 gives you the power and flexibility to optimize your signal recovery. It provides power to measure low levels and/or phase shifts of signals buried deeply in noise or dc drift.


  • Computer controllable
  • 10 nV resolution
  • Fundamental or flat response
  • 90 dB dynamic reserve
  • Power line interference filter



Input Type Differential; amplifier input is between the inner conductor and the shell of the input connector. The Input connector shell either floats 500Ω above chassis ground or is tied directly to chassis ground as set by the associated toggle switch.
Input Impedance 10 MΩ paralleled by 20 pF
Sensitivity (full-scale) 100 µV (10 µV with Expand 3 V. Variable in 1-3-10 sequence or continuously
Frequency Range 5 Hz to 20 KHz
Maximum Input Voltage ±200 V dc ; 10 V ac pk-pk
Maximum Common-Mode Voltage 10 V pk-pk
Common Mode Rejection 60 dB at 1 kHz, typical
Noise 25 nV per root Hz at 1 kHz
Gain Accuracy 5 Hz to 10 Hz Tracking Filter OFF: 5%
Tracking Filter ON: 5%
10 Hz to 10 kHz Tracking Filter OFF: 1%
Tracking Filter ON: 2%
10 kHz to 20 kHz Tracking Filter OFF: 1%
Tracking Filter ON: 2%
Gain Stability 100 ppm/° C