EG&G 5207 Lock-In Amplifier 5 Hz - 200 kHz

Rent EG&G 5207 Lock-In Amplifier 5 Hz - 200 kHz
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The model 5207 single phase is a computer-controllable instrument. Integral RS232C and IEEE-488 interfaces allow total programmability. Computer-controllable functions include sensitivity, averaging time constant, phase, operating frequency, offset, dynamic reserve, display mode, and others. Other standard features include auto-phasing, auto-ranging, and "sine-wave" response.


Channel: 1 uV to 5 V rms, 1-2-5 sequence.
Input Impedance: AC coupled, 100 MΩ shunted by 40 pF.
Maximum DC Input: 100V
Broadband Frequency Range: 5 Hz - 200 kHz