Endevco 102 / 109 Isotron Conditioner and Power Supply

Endevco 102 / 109 Isotron Conditioner and Power Supply
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The ENDEVCO Modal 102 Signal Conditioner is a two-channel signal conditioner designed tor use with remote charge convertors, ENDEVCO ISOTRON accelerometers or other integral electronic piezoelectronic transducers. It supplies constant current to power the transducer or remote charge convertor. The Model 102 provides an AC voltage output proportional to the acceleration input. The optional, internally mounted, Model 35771 filter module allows for high pass, low pass or band pass filter operation. An alternate option is the internally mounted Model 35818 filter / integrator module, which allows jumper selectable, single or double integration. The Model 102 is designed to be used with the Model 109 Power Supply. The ENDEVCO Model 109 Power Supply is designed for use with ENDEVCO Model 100 Series Signal Conditioners. It provides DC power for up to four Series 100 Signal Conditioners in any combination. The ±15 VDC powers the signal conditioner circuits. The 24 VDC provides compliance voltages for the Model 102 ISOTRON® Signal Conditioner and excitation voltage source to the Model 106 Bridge Signal Conditioner.



  • Two-channel remote charge converter / ISOTRON® signal conditioner
  • Optional filter or integrator
  • Fault indicator for open/short at the input
  • Optional 19" rack mount adapter
  • Selectable sensitivity 1 to 1099 mV/g
  • Provides 24 VDC, ±15 VDC and GND
  • Available for 108-132 VAC, 47-63 Hz, or 210-250 VAC or 90-110 VAC Options
  • Earth Ground and DC Ground are Connected to the Case
  • Optional 19" Rack Mount Adapter