General Radio 1531-AB Strobotac Electronic Stroboscope

Rent General Radio 1531-AB Strobotac Electronic Stroboscope
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The General Radio 1531-AB Strobotac Electronic Stroboscope includes a strobotron lamp and reflector assembly, an electronic pulse generator that controls the flashing rate, and a line-operated power supply. The flashing-rate range of 110 to 25.000 flashes per minute is divided into three direct-reading ranges; toavoid reading errors, only the particular range in use is illuminated. The rpm control is concentric with the range selector, and its large diameter provides precisecontrol of the flashing rate. The flash lamp can be triggered externally to "stop" motion for photography. The combination of the Type 1531-P2 Flash Delay and the Tyte 1536-A Photoelectric Pickoff can be used as an external triggering source, which also provides an adjustable delay of the stroboscope flash with respect to the triggering pulse from the photoelectric pickoff.


  • High flashing rates up to 25,000 per minute — speed measurements to 250.000 rpm.
  • Short flash duration — "stops" rapid motion and permits ultra-high-speed photography.
  • High accuracy stroboscope — rpm measurements can be made to ± 1%.


Calibration: Accurately calibrated flash rates to 25,000 per minute.
Flash Rate: In flashes per minute: 110 to 25,000 in 3 ranges; speeds up to 250,000 rpm can be measured.
Accuracy: 1% of reading after calibration on one range against 50-to-60 Hz line frequency.
External Trigger: Input: Contact opening, pulse > +6 V pK-pk. or sinewave> 2 V rms for f > 5 Hz.
Output: Negative pulse > 500 to1000 V