Glassman PS/WG-10N30 DC Power Supply 10 kV, 30 mA

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Rent Glassman PS/WG-10N30 DC Power Supply 10 kV, 30 mA
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  • 10 kV, 30 mA
  • Light weight, compact.
  • Low stored energy, for maximum personnel/equipment safety.
  • Primary contactor -- additional safety feature, prevents self-turn-on after power outage.
  • Adjustable current limits, output surge-limiting resistors provide additional margins of safety.
  • Off-the-line configuration results in full load efficiency better than 75% -- low internal dissipation, very high reliability.
  • Stable, high frequency, ferrite-core-transformer switching regulator design -- minimizes power loss.
  • Remote and front panel monitoring and programming of both DC output voltage and current.
  • Regulation better than 0.005% -- line and load.
  • Less than 3 msec recovery for 50% load transient.
  • Wide range and variety of standard options.


  • Manufacturing Processes: Spraying and Flocking Systems, Ion Implantation, Fault Detection, Corona Testing, Precipitation and Deposition Systems.
  • Displays: Image Intensification, Radar Displays, Flying Spot Generators, Large Screen CRT Display, Oscilloscopes, Projection TV.
  • R & D Instrumentation: Mass Spectrometers, Electron Microscopes, Air Pollution Instrumentation, Capacitor Bank Charging, Nuclear Apparatus, Radiation Counters, Laser, Voltmeter/Voltbox Calibrators, Plasma and Pinch System.
  • Powering HV Devices: X-Ray Sources, Photomultipliers, BWO/TWT/Klystron Tubes, Radiation Detectors, Accelerators, Electron Gun Devices