Hipotronics High Voltage Test Equipment

Rent Hipotronics High Voltage Testing Equipment | Hipot Testers, Transformer Turns Ratio, Oil Dieletric, ThumpersHipotronics, a Hubbel company, is a manufacturer of high voltage electrical testing equipment. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals works with Hipotronics to have calibrated equipment in stock and ready to rent.

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Manufacturer Model
Rent Hipotronics DDX7000 Digital Partial Discharge Detector
Partial Discharge Detector System, Corona Tester, 20-500kHz amp frequency range
Rent Hipotronics DDX9101 Digital Partial Discharge Detector
Stand Alone Digital Partial Discharge Detector
Hipotronics 100HVT AC Hipot Tester
AC Hipot Tester
Rent Hipotronics DDX9121B Partial Discharge Detector
Partial Discharge Detector
Rent Hipotronics KVM25A AC/DC Kilovoltmeter
AC/DC Kilovoltmeter
Rent Hipotronics TDR 1170 Time Domain Reflectometer
Time Domain Reflectometer
Rent Hipotronics 5250 30kV, 2000 Joule Thumper with TDR
Hipotronics 30kV, 2000 Joule Thumper with TDR
Hipotronics 715-1-A AC Dielectric Test Set
AC Dielectric Test Set
Hipotronics 735-2 AC Dielectric Test Set
AC Dielectric Test Set
Hipotronics 806-840
High Voltage Generator
Hipotronics 8120-5PL Portable DC Hipot Tester, 120kV, 5mA
DC Hipot Tester
Hipotronics 850-20
1 kW High Power DC Power Supply
Hipotronics 850-50
DC Power Supply
Hipotronics 880PL DC Hipot Testers
DC Hipot Testers
Hipotronics 880PL-10MA 80KV DC Hipot Tester
DC Hipot Tester
Hipotronics CET-2000 Series Primary Cable Fault Locator
Capacitive Discharge Primary Cable Fault Locator
Hipotronics CF30/15-8C Cable Fault Locator/Thumper
0-30kV, Cable Fault Locator/Thumper
Hipotronics CF70-12/-24 Primary Cable Fault Locator
0-70 kV DC Primary Cable Fault Locator
Digital Acoustic/Ballistic Cable Fault Locator
Hipotronics H103 AC / DC Hipot Tester
AC / DC Hipot Tester
Hipotronics H306B Hipot Insulation Tester / Meg ohmmeter
AC/DC Hipot Insulation Tester & Megohmmeter
Hipotronics HD103 Hipot Insulation Tester
Hipot Insulation Tester
Hipotronics HD125 Hipot Tester
0 - 25 kVDC, 0 - 10 kVAC 5mA, Hipot Tester
Hipotronics HVC4000 Series High Voltage TDR Couplers
High Voltage TDR Coupler
Hipotronics KV200A AC/DC Kilovoltmeter
AC/DC Kilovoltmeter