JNT Infra-View Infra-View® Infrared Sensor

Infra-View Infrared Sensor Two wire 4-20 mA output
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  • Two wire 4-20 mA output intelligent device powered by 24 VDC
  • Maximum loop impedance of 700 ohms
  • Remote online addressability
  • Accuracy to +-1% of the reading up to 3,000°F
  • Sensor has a 30:1 field of view (FOV) indicating that 30ft from the sight tube there is a 1ft diameter field. 
  • Multiple sensors can be combined in a network configuration
  • Sensor has can be adjusted and performed remotely for system maintenance and customization over two wire loop using HART® industrial protocol. 
  • HART® signals combine simultaneous digital communication over standard 4-20 mA output cable.