Ling 420-1B Vibration Shaker, 100 lb, 7.5 kHz

Rent Ling 420-1B Vibration Shaker, 100 lb, 7.5 kHz
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Force Rating
Forced-air Cooled
100 lb (445 N) vector
Self Cooled
30 lb (133 N) vector (continuous duty)
Below 0.1 Hz
70% of above force ratings
Frequency Range dc to 7500 Hz (bare table)
First Major Resonance 5800 Hz (nominal)
Armature Displacement ±0.375 in (9.5 mm) from neutral position
Maximum Acceleration 118 g vector
Upper Armature Guidance and Suspension 3 internally damped lateral flexures
Lower Armature Guidance
and Suspension
Linear bearing assembly
Axial Suspension Stiffness 65 lb/in (114 N/cm) (nominal)
Armature Effective Weight 0.85 lb (3.78 N)
Armature Drive Requirements 100 lb force vector: 800 VA
Rated Armature Current
Forced-air Cooled
28A rms
Self Cooled
8.4A rms (30 lb force vector)
DC Armature Resistance at 68°F (20°C} 0.24 ohms (nominal)
Shaker Weight 65 lb {289N)