Marine Magnetics SeaSpy Marine Magnetometer

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The Marine Magnetics SeaSpy Marine Magnetometer connector is a custom brass underwater connector that supports a tonne of towing force. A PVC nose cone protects it from side impacts, while maintaining a streamlined tow body. SeaSPY’s sleek design resists snags. The inexpensive and eld replaceable tailns are the only protruding element and they are designed to snap off should they ever get snagged on rocky outcroppings. The SeaSPY towsh is made of 1⁄4” super strong berglass coated with a ‘bumper’ layer of polyurethane for extra shock absorption. Should even a drop of water penetrate the towsh, a leak detector warning appears on your screen to inform you. In the event of a breach, the SeaSPY’s electronics module is encased in a polycarbonate housing with ‘O’ ring seals for another layer of security. The sensor itself is suspended on shockmounts to ensure the quality of your data isn’t inuenced even if you drag SeaSPY along the sea oor.


  • Depth rating 1000m (1500psi), 3000m (5000psi), 6000m, (9000psi) customer specied.
  • Overhauser Sensor
  • Electronics module containing all of the driving electronics and Larmour counter
  • Leak detector to let you know if even a drop of water penetrates the towsh
  • 4 lead weights to increase the weight of the towsh and to prevent it from rotating. To adjust the weight you can remove or add additional weights in the eld.
  • SeaLINK data acquisition and GPS logging software for Windows.



Absolute Accuracy: 0.1nT
Sensor Sensitivity: 0.01nT
Counter Sensitivity: 0.001nT
Resolution: 0.001nT
Power Consumption: 1W standby, 3W maximum
Timebase Stability: 1ppm, -45°C to +60°C
Range: 18,000nT to 120,000nT
Gradient Tolerance: Over 10,000nT/m
Sampling Range: 4Hz — 0.1Hz