NCI 8200 Laboratory Counting Scale

NCI 8200 Laboratory Counting Scale
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The NCI 8200 Counting Scale is a versatile electronic weighing and counting instrument for accurate and rapid counting of parts.



  • Sample size selection of 5,10,25,50,100; or keyboard entry 1 to 999 max
  • Auto-Calculation of sample size
  • Auto-piece-weight calculation or keyboard piece-weight entry (six digits max.)
  • Accumulation of total count and number of transactions
  • Key-entry addition or subtraction from the accumulated count
  • Switch selectable minimum sample weight acceptance
  • External-weight or keyboard-weight entry
  • Automatic piece-weight update (selectable enable/disable)
  • Piece-Weight recall (display on demand)


Weighing Range 10 lb (4 kg)
Readability 0.002 lb (0.001 kg)
Functions Sample, Tare, Piece-Weight, Print, ACC, -ACC, Wt Entry, Zero, Recall, Clear
Accumulator Total Count, Total Number of Transactions, Key Entry Add & Subtract, Recall Totals
Interface 20mA current loop, 1200 baud