Philips PM5514V-MM+RGB

Philips PM5514V-MM+RGB Philips Video Pattern Generator
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Patterns and Applications:

  • Circle - linearity and geometry
  • Center cross/Border lines - centering and pin-cushion correction
  • White - "White D", purity and beam current adjustment
  • Dot pattern - static convergence
  • Cross hatch/Center indication - dynamic and corner convergence centering
  • Chequerboard pattern - useful for basic alignments
  • Grey scale (8 step) - video amplifier linearity
  • Multiburst (8 bars of definition lines) - video bandwidth and resolution
  • VCR - specially designed for checking bandwidth, linearity, sensitivity and AGC of chroma amplifiers in VCRs.
  • Color bar - overall color performance checks
  • DEM pattern - color demodulator and sub-carrier frequency checks
  • Purity (3 primary colors and combinations) - purity checks



Chroma standard: PAL, B, G, H, I and D, or NTSC M (fixed for each instrument; not switchable)
Sub-carrier frequency: 4.433 619 MHz for standard B, G, H, I 3.579 545MHz for standard M NTSC


Line frequency: 15 625 Hz for CCIR, 15 734 Hz for RTMA
Number of lines: 625 for CCIR, 525 for RTMA
Field frequency: 50Hz for CCIR, 60Hz for RTMA