Photodyne 2260XFX Dual Wavelength Test Set

Photodyne 2260XFX Wavelength Test Set
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The Photodyne 2260XFX Dual Wavelength Test Set tests 1300 and 1550 nm wavelengths simultaneously reducing measurement time, inaccuracies due to connect/reconnect problems, and the cost of making two measurements. The unit is easy-to-use with two-button operation and features a large liquid crystal display (LCD) showing both the wavelength and associated loss at all times. The LCD panel also displays the dBm reference.


  • Simultaneous dual wavelength measurement

  • 2 KHz tone generation

  • 55 dB dynamic range

  • Interchangeable connector adaptors

  • Rugged, lightweight design

  • User-friendly two-button operation



  • Saves time and money: fewer connect/reconnect errors

  • Can be used with the 8000XG Fiber Identifier

  • Powerful enough to test even the longest links

  • Minimizes training; easy-to-learn, easy-to-use

  • Dependable, even in the field


Light Source: Laser diode
Detector type: InGaAs
Crosstalk isolation
40 (dB)
Dynamic range: +3 to -65 dBm

1300 nm ±20 nm
1550 nm ±20 nm

Peak output power: -10 dBm
Spectral width: 5 nm
Stability: ±0 .05 dB @1h
Measurement accuracy: ±0 .25 dB
Laser safety: Meets class I laser safety CDRH
Source modulation: 2 KHz
Display type: Custom LCD