RH Systems 973 Dew Point Mirror

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The RH Systems 973 Dew Point Mirror is a portable instrument equipped with an integral measuring head for both spot and continuous measurement of Dew/Frost point and temperature in air and gas mixtures. Based on the chilled mirror principle, the 973 ensures direct and accurate humidity measurement.

RH Systems 973 Features:

  • Color Touch Screen
  • Dew/Frost Determination
  • Verifiable Calibration
  • Connect and Go

RH Systems 973 Specifications:

Measuring range
Frost/Dew Point -50 ...+20°C
% RH 5 ...100%
Temperature -50 ...+150°C
Frost/Dew point ±0.1°C
Temperature ±0.1°C
Frost/Dew Point ± 0.05°C
Temperature ± 0.05°C
Thermoelectric Mirror cooling: 3-stage, 80°C depression
Cooling: Air
Display: Active Matrix Color Graphic LCD
Digital I/O: RS-232
Gas couplings: 1/4" Swagelok
Mirror temperature sensor: PRT-100
Sample gas flow rate: 0.2 ...1.0 l/min
Sample gas circuit: PTFE (Teflon)
Sample gas maximum pressure: 2 bar (10 bar option available)
Operation temperature: -10 ...+40°C
Storage temperature: -10 ...+40°C
Ambient humidity: Instrument 90% RH max., non condensing
Voltage: 100 ...240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 200 Watt
Width: 440 mm (600 mm with transport case)
Height: 155 mm (310 mm with transport case
Depth: 410 mm (450 mm with transport case)
Weight: 12 kg (22 kg with transport case)