Sony PC216A 16 Channel Digital Data Recorder

Sony PC216A 16 Channel Digital Data Recorder
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The Sony PC216A has been specially developed for use both in the field and as a laboratory instrument. Compact and lightweight, the PC216A delivers the very highest level of performance available today: bandwidth scaleable according to the requirements from DC to 20kHz in each of four channels up to 2.5kHz in 64 channels using the double speed mode: longer recording time of up to 6 hours; and capability of interfacing to a wide range of computer platforms for sophisticated data analyses; and more. The product range includes a comprehensive selection of accessories to meet the needs of an ever expanding variety of scientific and industrial applications.


  • Up to 32 channels using expansion unit PCCX32Ax
  • Up to 64 channels by synchronized record/playback
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Multiband / channel modes
  • Normal/double speed record/playback
  • Up to 6 hours of continuous recording
  • Band/channel mode switching
  • Various digital inputs/outputs
  • Separate AD/DA conversion for each channel
  • Wide dynamic range of more than 80 dB
  • TOC display
  • Multi-power supply
  • Complies with UL, FCC and CE Marking