Wilcom D400 T1 Digital Test System

Wilcom D400 T1 Digital Test System
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The Wilcom D400 T1 Digital Test System provides a complete set of T1 Test functions for your current testing needs, while allowing you to plan for future testing needs with the purchase of option cards and software packages.


  • In-service channel access
  • Sending and measuring tones
  • A, B, C, D signaling bit scan
  • Slip counting and line frequency
  • Monitoring of voice or test tones
  • Measurement of PCM offset
  • Sending and receiving channel codes
  • CSU Loopback, NI Loopback, Smart Repeater, Loopback


  • D400: Option cards
  • D401: Bert option
  • D402: Signaling option
  • D403: DS3 Drop & Insert option
  • D404: DDS & Fractional T1 option
  • D406: SLC 96 option
  • D408: SLC 96 Signaling State Analyzer option card