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AC power-electrical meters carried by Advanced Test Equipment Rentals are able to measure the amount of energy consumed by any type of electrical device. AC power-electrical meters are applicable in both residential and commercial settings, and measure in units of watts, volts, and amps. The AC sensors are what makes it possible to detect voltage and amperage in an incoming electrical circuit. AC, or alternating current, is the type of electricity most commonly used by household electrical systems, appliances, and other at-home electrical devices. Technicians require this type of equipment to prevent damage to electrical systems, which can be caused by harmonics, voltage fluctuations, transient-over conditions, and more. Whether you work for a utility company, or just want to measure how much energy is being used in your own home, AC power-electrical meters will help you monitor the energy output in a variety of situations.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries a wide range of AC power-electrical meters to serve commercial and residential testing purposes, from leading manufacturers like Fluke, AEMC, Dranetz, and more. Rent an AC power-electrical meter from ATEC today, and receive it tomorrow with next-day shipping.

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