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TI and DSL testing solutions offered by Advanced Test Equipment Rentals serve a variety of purposes to meet your specific testing needs. Cable and communications service providers can rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively deploy transmission services, test fiber optic networks, and configure performance. ATEC carries data timing generators that combine the power of data generator with the capabilities of a pulse generator, enabling technicians to shorten the length of complex tests and easily configure the performance of the instrument to their exact needs. Our Universal Test Systems conduct physical, optical, transport and datacom testing in a single tool, and assists with installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

This equipment is geared to aid cable and communications service providers in testing, while also minimizing costs and increasing efficiency. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals features TI and DSL testing solutions from trusted manufacturers like Tektronix, EXFO, JDSU and others. 

Communications Analyzers - Access (SDH, SONET, Jitter-Wander, PDH and ATM)
Rent, lease, rent to own communications analyzers with SDH, SONET, Jitter/Wander, PDH and ATM capability.
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Rent or Lease Bit Error Rate Test - BER testers - Layer 1, Layer 2, Single, Burst, Code, Bit Payload
Layer 1 and Layer 2 Bit Error Rate Testing Patterns. Identify Code, Bit Payload, FCS errors at both singe and burst rates. Rent a BERT today and...
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Data Communications | DSL Testers
DSL Testers
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Data Communications | Protocol Analyzers
Protocol Analyzers
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Data Communications | Transmission Testers
Transmission Testers
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Data Communications | T1 - DS3 - E1 Testers
T1 / DS3 / E1 Testers
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