Air Quality

Air Quality

From particle counters to gas analyzers, the monitoring of air quality is essential in production manufacturing warehouses, refineries, electric utilities, semiconductor cleanrooms and more. They are often used for everything from emissions testing to pollution control and health safety, to detecting and counting both ionizing and non-ionizing physical particles.

Particle counters monitor HVAC systems and facility air performance, and check for general Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). When checking the air quality of an environment, particle counters measure the amount and subsequent size of particles in the air. These results are then used to understand the cleanliness level of the area being tested, and adjustments pertaining to the air quality can later be made. Most often, the specific type of counter used for monitoring air quality is a hand-held particle counter.

Gas analyzers provide monitoring and analysis of gasses from hydrogen and oxygen to helium, sulfur dioxide, and much more. Gas monitoring is essential to analyzing the air quality of working and living conditions.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals stocks a variety of air quality equipment from Fluke, Met-One, TSI, and other manufacturers.

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