Rent EMC Antennas | Biconical, Dipole, Horn, Loop, Log Periodic, GPS, RF, Passive

EMC Antennas

EMC Antennas for your EMC immunity and emissions testing needs. We rent high gain RF horn, microwave horn, broadband log, log periodic, conical log spiral, biologic, and other hybrid antennas. We also have monopole, dipole, and loop antennas plus sniffer probes, current probes, and e field strength probes. Other transmit/receive antennas are available. Universal inputs accept voltage, thermocouple, pressure sensors, and RTD signals.

Horn Antennas | Double Ridged, Active Double Ridged, High Gain
Rent, lease, or buy Horn antennas from manufacturers such as AH Systems, Com-Power, Amplifier Research, EMCO, Scientific Atlanta, and Narda.
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Biconical Antennas | broad selection
Biconical antennas from AH Systems, EMCO, Narda, Agilent, Com-Power, and EMI for rent, lease, or purchase.
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Bilogical Antenna | (Hybrid Biconical - Log Periodic)
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Log Periodic Antenna | Transmitting, Linearly Polarized
Log Periodic
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Dipole Antennas | Large Inventory
Dipole Antennas from AH Systems, EMCO, Com-Power, Compliance Design, EMI, and many more. We offer a large rental inventory as well as antennas for...
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Monopole Antenna | Active, Passive
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Conical Antennas
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Loop Antenna | Active, Transmitting, Active Shielded, Radiating
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Rent E-Field Generators |  EMC Test Equipment, Electric Field
Electric Field Generators capable of producing up to 350 Volts per Meter between 10 kHz and 100 MHz. Rent an E-field generator today.
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