Cable Fault Testing

Cable Fault Testing

Cable fault testing, or cable fault location, is the process of identifying periodic or insulation faults in underground cables as it pertains to electrical systems. These faults, caused by moisture, cracks in the sheath, phase contact and more, result in the deterioration or interruption of a cable’s resistance. This can eventually lead to a voltage breakdown. How engineers classify these faults varies, and can be determined by varying test procedures. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals stocks cable fault testing equipment to help electrical safety engineers identify and analyze cable faults within a system.

Portable and rugged, cable fault locaters and testing equipment carried by ATEC will perform a variety of diagnostic measures. They offer essential features like pulse echo, arc reflection, repetitive as well as manual/automatic pulse mode options, differential arc reflection, and more. Browse equipment by leading manufacturers like Megger, Biddle, Hiptronics, Baur, and more. Rent a cable fault test system from ATEC today, and receive next-day shipping.

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