Rent Radiated Immunity Test Solutions

EMC - Radiated Immunity

ATEC carries the world’s largest rental selection of test equipment for radiated immunity/radiated susceptibility testing. Whether you are preforming IEC testing to 61000-4-3, or you are testing to MIL-STD 461 RS103, or HIRF testing to DO-160 Section 20, we will have a solution in stock. ATEC now carries both CW amplifiers as well as high powered pulsed amplifiers. We carry equipment from leading brands Amplifier Research, IFI, Ophir, Empower, Rohde & Schwarz, and many more!

Worlds largest inventory of amplifiers for EMC, radar, and other RF/Microwave Testing. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals services the Aerospace...
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Signal Generator Rental | Arbitrary Waveform, Microwave, MultiPhase
When you need a signal source for your baseband, RF, or microwave application, rent it from our company with over 32 years of experience! We carry...
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Rent EMC Antennas | Biconical, Dipole, Horn, Loop, Log Periodic, GPS, RF, Passive
Broadband EMC antennas for RF Immunity and wireless interference testing.
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RF Power Meters & Sensors | Average and Peak
RF Power Meters & Sensors are recommended for monitoring the output of high power amplifiers.
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Rent Field Strength Monitors and Probe Systems
Complete systems will allow you to monitor as many points necessary for the size of your field plane and the field strength required for your testing.
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Passive RF Devices
Attenuators, Dual Direction Couplers, Waveguide Components, High Precision Cables and High Power Cables.
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