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Fiber Splicing Machines

Fiber Splicing Machines are fusion splicers, instruments that splice and mend optical fibers together to create a single long fiber. The fused glass fibers are joined together so optical light signals can pass through with the least amount of loss as possible. These fiber splicing machines provide displays which allow technicians to visually inspect for good splices by identifying any flaws that do not affect optical transmission, and bad splices by identifying flaws that are unacceptable. 

At Advanced Test Equipment Rentals, we supply a variety of fiber splicing machines from top manufacturers like Fujikura (also AFL Telecommunications in North America) and Sumitomo. The preferred rental of fiber optic splicing machines are automated single fiber fusion splicers and ribbon fusion splicers. An ATEC representative can help you select the best fiber optic splicing machine that is most accurate and efficient for your needs.

A fiber optic splicing machine is essential for creating long lengths of cable, but can only provide an estimate of the splice loss. The only way to completely test the fiber optic cable is with an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, OTDR, also available for rent.

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