Rent Electrical & High Voltage Test Equipment | Substation, Power Transformers, HV Power Lines

Industrial Electrical

Electrical Test Equipment for commissioning and maintaining substations, power transformers, switchgear and high voltage power lines. Rent power analyzers for energy studies, Hart and Fieldbus process loop controllers (PLC) and calibrators, ground resistance testers, circuit breaker test, AC DC and VLF high pot, cable fault locators, motor surge testers, oil dielectric testers, motor wire resistance, Meggers/Megohmmeters, protective relay test sets, primary current injection, thumpers, TTR transformer turn ratio, thermal imagers, and more.

Protective Relay Test Sets
Rent Protective Relay Test Sets for testing Single, 3,4 and 6 Phase protection relay systems.
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Transformer & Electrical Motor Testing
Testing power transformers and motors is essential to both manufacturers and end users. Electrical testing for transformers and motors includes...
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Switchgear | Circuit Breaker Testing
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries a wide variety of test equipment to verify the condition of a circuit breaker and switchgear, and perform...
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Power Factor Test Sets (Tan δ)
Power Factor (Tan delta) test equipment rental from Doble and Megger.
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Hipot & Cable Testing
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries a wide selection of hipot and cable testers for your electrical analysis needs. A hipot, or high potential...
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Partial Discharge
The art of Partial Discharge testing is tricky and of sensitive nature.
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Insulation & Ground Testing
Insulation and ground testing are both essential to electrical maintenance. Electrical insulation begins to age as soon as it's made, and poor...
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