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Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries a variety of inspection equipment that allows you to thoroughly examine components, systems, devices, and infrastructure. We carry a diverse range of stroboscopes, microscope illuminators, fluorescent ring type illuminators, digital microscopes and more. This form of equipment is applicable in the medical, engineering, industrial, electronics, aerospace, industrial and manufacturing industry, as well as others.

Inspection equipment has a variety of applications. Some is rugged and durable, capable of being carried out of the lab and into the field for specialized testing. It can be used for dimensional measurement, electrical testing, quality control, chemical or biological testing, and more. Whether you need a microscope, stroboscope, illuminator or another type of inspection equipment, ATEC carries the right test and measurement equipment for you to get the job done. We rent tools from trusted inspection equipment manufacturers like Bausch & Lomb, Dolan-Jenner, General Radio, and others as well.

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