Insulation & Ground Testing

Insulation & Ground Testing

Insulation and ground testing are both essential to electrical maintenance. Electrical insulation begins to age as soon as it's made, and poor grounding can contribute to downtime and increase the risk of equipment failure. Ground can best be described as a conducting connection between an electrical circuit/equipment and the earth. Testing for grounding is indispensable to maintaining uptime, verifying an installation site, avoiding deterioration and preventing corrosion. Insulation testing acts as a quality control measure during the development of a piece of electrical equipment, a periodic preventative maintenance task and troubleshooting tool, and is even required during installations to help maintain specifications.

ATEC offers a wide selection of both insulation and ground testing equipment, available with flexible rental options to best suit your needs. ATEC carries products made by top manufacturers like Fluke, Phenix, Keysight, Biddle, Megger, and more. Looking for an insulation or ground testing device? Check out what’s in stock at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals.

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