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Rent Fluke Versiv DSX-5000 Cable Analyzer / CertifierExfo FOT-932X-4-VFT-A-EI Multifunction Loss TesterRent Ideal LanTEK III 1000MHz Data Cable Certifier
Cable testing plays a significant role in the installation of new cable, and the troubleshooting of existing cable. LAN cable certifiers are used in the testing of fiber, copper and twisted pair cable for strength and connectivity, the identifying and troubleshooting of failures like return loss, crosstalk, and shield faults, OTDR test time, and the verification of installation. The LAN cable certifiers identify Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 6e, Cat 7, Cat 7a, and Cat 8 cables and certify to a standard’s specified performance parameters.

As new standards are developed, LAN cable certifiers continue to help cabling professionals when installing, testing, troubleshooting, and certifying copper or fiber cables. They are used to test data, video and voice cables.

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