Leak Detectors

Leak Detectors

Leak detectors serve to determine if, and in some cases where, a leak has occurred within a system that contains liquid or gas. Leak detector equipment enhances the reliability and safety of a system, device or structure, while also reducing the inspection time it would take to find a leak without this equipment. They serve a variety of purposes. Some are for smaller applications – like testing batteries, laser components or medical packages (pacemakers, cochlear implants, etc.).

Detectors can also serve larger applications, like commercial properties or pipelines.  A leak detector is able to find a leak quickly, and allows technicians to repair it with minimal disruption to the property and tenants. Other applications of leak detector equipment include power generation, research and development, testing coatings and analytical instruments, automotive packages and sensors, low volume production inspection, maintenance of vacuum systems, and more. Leak detectors may also be able to detect helium, oxygen, argon, CO2, and other gases.

Leak detectors carried by Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offer various features like color touch screens, two-button operations, portability, multiple language and unit capability for worldwide implementation, and more. ATEC carries leak detectors by Varian, Agilent, Inficon, and others.

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