Lightwave & Fiber Optic Testers

Optical Lightwave Testers

Optical lightwave testers are suited to test opt-electronic S-parameters, like S21, S11, and S22. This equipment measures electro-optical S21 responsivity of devices like PIN Diodes, and based on the data retrieved, it can determine delay. Many of the optical lightwave testers carried by Advanced Test Equipment Rentals are designed to serve as complete fiber optic test solution, and are able to complete installation, test, terminate, and troubleshoot document fiber optic systems. Measure each of the system elements that transmit bandwidths, and characterize and test optical amplifiers and components.

Optical lightwave testers carried by Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offer reliability and accuracy. Rent equipment by trusted brands like HP/Agilent, Anritsu, Advanced Fiber Solutions and more.

Laser - Light Sources | Single-Multi Mode, LED, Triple Wavelength
Choose from our variety of laser / light sources at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals.
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Lightwave Multimeter | Component, Frequency, Optical
Rent one of our lightwave multimeters today!
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Lightwave Polarization Analyzers
Lightwave polarization analyzers make highly accurate and repeatable polarization measurements of signal and components.
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Laser Diode Controller | LD Current or Controller Modules
Laser diode controllers have both a precision laser diode driver to control diode operating current level and a themoelectric temperature...
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Rent Optical Power Meters | Fiber Testers from JDSU & EXFO
Fiber Optic Power Meters from JDSU, EXFO capable of wavelengths 780nm to 1700nm. Rent an optical power meter today.
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Communications | Fiber Optic | Back Relfection Test Sets
Back reflection test sets measure the percentage of power reflected back from a particular point in a light path.
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Communications | Fiber Optic | Wavelength Meter
Rent a wavelength meter with a large spectral range for high speed measurement of lasers.
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Communications | Optical Attenuators
Optical attenuators are used to reduce the power level of an optical signal, either in free space or in an optical fiber.
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