OTDRs - Optical Time Domain Reflectometers

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OTDRs - Optical Time Domain Reflectometers

An OTDR, or Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, is a device used by technicians to test the integrity of and find any faults or breaks in fiber optic cables. OTDRs characterize, verify splice loss, and measure the length of cables by forming a picture, or trace, of the cable’s condition. A trace should be taken of the fiber optic cable at first installation for immediate verification and for future reference. OTDRs create these traces by sending pulses of high powered laser light down the fiber and measuring the light reflecting back, or backscatter, over time.

At Advanced Test Equipment Rentals, we carry a variety of OTDRs specified by wireless carrier Verizon for their tower testing requirements. We also supply an extensive inventory of optical time domain reflectometers available for rent from top manufacturers like Anritsu, Fluke Networks, Viavi, EXFO and many others. Contact an ATEC representative today to help you select the correct OTDR for your needs.

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