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PIM Testing - Passive Intermodulation Testers

PIM Testers or passive intermodulation testers test the interference of passive elements or devices which jumble signals to create unrelated new signals. This distortion hides the desired signal, sometimes even occurring without the presence of active components. PIM testers perform the immediate and accurate Distance-to-PIM tests, informing you with the distance and magnitude of all PM sources simultaneously, both within the antenna system and beyond the antenna itself.

PIM testers locate and eliminate sources of passive intermodulation in RF components. PIM test equipment works by transmitting two high power signals into the line or device under test. If the test signals encounter a non-linear intersection mixing occurs causing the PIM frequencies to be generated. The PIM signals travel in all directions from the point of generation. In a coaxial system this means they travel out toward the antenna as well as back in the direction of the PIM test equipment. The PIM test equipment measures the magnitude of the PIM signal generated by the test signals and displays this information to the test operator.

With the growing amount of systems which utilize duplex transmissions paired with collocated transmitters and receivers, PIM Testers are an essential tool. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries PIM Testers from Kaelus, Anritsu and Boonton. Rent one today.

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