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Radiation Meters & Personal RF Monitors

Stay safe in potentially hazardous areas with high levels of RF and radiation. Personal monitors are available to alert to any dangerous radiation levels and state-of-the-art meters are available to survey a site prior to executing a project. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offers a fleet of radiation meters and RF monitors that are able to determine, with great accuracy, the measurements of non-ionizing radiation in a given region. Flat frequency probes are able to evaluate if a field meets human safety standards, and include a non-volatile memory that contains the probe parameters and calibration data. Exposure level testers can record frequency range, measurement range, exposure to various waveforms and more. These tools offer a direct evaluation of the field, giving users the ability to compare to major standards and determine safety. 

Measure exposure and field strength, and establish safe zones with radiation meters and personal RF monitors from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals. Featured manufacturers include Narda, Wavecontrol, and more.

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