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Safety Analyzers

Safety analyzers perform a range of electrical safety tests in order to determine whether or not the device at stake (often medical equipment) is in compliance with electrical safety requirements. Some of these tests include ground continuity tests, insulation tests, high voltage tests, chassis, line leakage tests, and a number of others.

Safety analyzers featured at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals are equipped for AC/DC/IR tests. Depending on your needs, many can perform Corona Discharge Detection (CDD) tests that identify Corona discharge Start Voltage (CSV), Flashover Start Voltage (FSV), and Breakdown Voltage (BSV). Our safety analyzers also offer beneficial subsidiary functions, like programmable voltage, time parameters, current limit and more, to enhance the test reliability.

When you rent from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals, you should feel confident in your analyzer test results. Choose from reputable manufacturers like safety analyzers from Agilent, QuadTech and more.

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