Shaft Alignment Tools

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Shaft Alignment Tools

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries a variety of shaft alignment tools to help you increase machine reliability with easy-to-use, accurate alignment. Shaft alignment tools are trusted to readjust assembly line machines, dc motors, and other industrial equipment.

Whether you’re looking for vertical or horizontal alignment, ATEC rents shaft alignment tools to suit your specific needs. Shaft alignment tools are capable of measuring rotating machinery, straightness, flatness, perpendicularity, parallelism, spindle alignment and thermal growth. Some of the tools featured in ATEC’s inventory can measure soft foot, align coupled and uncoupled shafts, measure the alignment of shafts mounted on rolling or sleeve bearings, and more. Developed for demanding industrial environments, this equipment can withstand water, dust, and rough handling.

ATEC offers simple-to-operate shaft alignment tools that produce easy-to-interpret graphical results. Rent brands like Ludeca, Pruftechnik, and more.

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