Source Measure Unit (SMU)

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Source Measure Unit (SMU)

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offers source measure unit devices to test the electrical safety and insulation of a number of test environments, like finished appliances, cables, circuit boards, motors, and transformers. Other common applications for source measure units are high voltage tubes, capacitors, wires, coils, chokes, generators, connectors, medical devices, and switches and relays. A source measure unit assesses with surety that no current flows from one point to another.  Where a high voltage test fails any equipment that is bad, the low voltage test find the problem without damaging the equipment.

Hipot tests prevent shock and even death that would result from a person coming into contact with the compromised product. Since determining the electrical safety of a product really is a matter of life and death, ATEC carries hipots of top quality and impressive accuracy.

Hipots perform AC and DC dielectric test, and can be suitable for lab or field use. ATEC features Hipots with up to 200 kV with calibration. Choose from leading manufacturers like Haefely Hipotronics, High Voltage Inc., Chroma, Fluke and more.

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